God stemning hos Kirsten & Geir med kaffe og vafler før vårmønstringen.4-DSC_00623-DSC_0061På veien dit passerte vi en lekker Wanderer Roadster. De snudde og fulgte etter oss – trodde vi kjørte mot Øvrevoll. Dermed fikk vi finfint besøk på kaffetreffen. Eier er Leif Augustin fra Tønsberg.



Finere bil har neppe stått i denne innkjørselen.

2-DSC_0070På Øvrevoll var det godt oppmøte av TR-biler. 19 TR, 1 Stag og 1 Spitfire møtte opp på vårmønstringen i år. Tross dårlig værmelding så ble det en fin og solfylt dag.


Memories from a great trip

So, the blogging went out the window in this trip.

That´s what happens when you are having too much fun and there are too many people to get to know. I spent my evenings on the veranda in good company rather than in front of the pc. By doing that I am left with so many memories and many new friends.

All the participants have probably made it home safely by now and have had the chance to relax for a few days. Some stayed behind to experience Oslo while others got on the ferry straight home. Either way, I hope you journey went well.

Some of you have maybe looked at your pictures already and been reminded of how much you have experienced in the past week. It was a lot of mountains and fjord. As promised. I have spent hours already sorting through all the pictures I have taken…only around 4000 . . .

Group photo

European TR Meeting PART 2

On Monday some of our participants left us, but over 90 cars stayed behind to continue towards Balestrand and Lofthus.

I though it would be appropriate to share some of the final days that didn´t make it to the travel blog.

Enjoy !

On Sunday Helge made sure that everyone followed the road book and made their way though the Knuten road. A spectacular sight for the photographer high up on the rock.

Helge stopping cars



At this point in the trip it was time to make our way towards the pittoresque Hardangerfjords, known as the fruit-centre of Norway.

But before we mae it to Hardanger, we had to pass a few more mountains. The Old Strynefjells Road to be exact. That Sunday we had the weather Gods on our side. The sun was out so that we could stop for a coffee and enjoy the autumn colours.

Old Strynefjell Road in the Autumn

Driving down the Old Strynefjell Road

Making our way down from Strynefjellet, past Videseter.

Autumn in the mountain

A tiny TR

We had lunch in the sun at Hjelle. Every picture was like a postcard that day, and Hjelle made no exception.

We drove over another mountains, this time Gaularfjellet, before we made it to Balestrand and Kviknes Hotel.

Kviknes Hotel is a part of the chain of Historical Hotels in Norway. One part of the hotel dates back to the late 1800s. The hotel and the veteran cars made a perfect match.

Kviknes Hotel

The long and winding road

Saturday can be summed up in a few words: mountains, fjords, hairpin turns.

The TR`s were put to the ultimate test yesterday driving up The Eagle Road, over the mountain, crossing the fjord on a ferry, then continue to Trollstigen. A long and eventful drive.
Here are some pictures of TR`s in its preferred environment.

Low hanging clouds over Geiranger. Seen from the Eagle Road.

Low hanging clouds over Geiranger. Seen from the Eagle Road.

Beautiful mountain peaks in Geiranger

Beautiful mountain peaks in Geiranger


On our way over the mountain to the next fjord. .

On our way over the mountain to the next fjord. .


Just some sheep in the road

Just some sheep in the road


Driving down Trollstigen

Driving down Trollstigen

Face to face