European meeting 2014 Nederland

Neste European Meeting går av stabelen i Nederland, Rotterdam
fredag 12/9 – søndag 14/9 2014
Med påfølgende Tour søndag 14/9 – fredag 19/9
Ukesturen er bare for et fåtall biler så denne er det ikke sikkert du får plass på.
Link til informasjon om weekend, ukestur og registreringsskjema finner du nedenfor:
Invitation Euro WE 2014 English 101013  – Weekendturen
Invitation Euro TOUR 2014 1.6 English  – Ukesturen
Registration form participants-blank-101013  – Informasjon om priser mv
Som dere ser av invitasjonen skal man bo på et turistskip gjennom helgen.
På lørdag blir det lagt opp til tre ulike arrangement.
Noe du lurer på?  Ikke nøl med å spørre.Vi må ha din påmelding sendt til  innen 15. februar.

Internasjonale TR samlinger avvikles hvert år og planen for de nærmeste årene er:
2015 Danmark, Århus – 2016 Italia, Toscana – 2017 Frankrike og 2018 til Tyskland.

Memories from a great trip

So, the blogging went out the window in this trip.

That´s what happens when you are having too much fun and there are too many people to get to know. I spent my evenings on the veranda in good company rather than in front of the pc. By doing that I am left with so many memories and many new friends.

All the participants have probably made it home safely by now and have had the chance to relax for a few days. Some stayed behind to experience Oslo while others got on the ferry straight home. Either way, I hope you journey went well.

Some of you have maybe looked at your pictures already and been reminded of how much you have experienced in the past week. It was a lot of mountains and fjord. As promised. I have spent hours already sorting through all the pictures I have taken…only around 4000 . . .

Group photo

European TR Meeting PART 2

On Monday some of our participants left us, but over 90 cars stayed behind to continue towards Balestrand and Lofthus.

I though it would be appropriate to share some of the final days that didn´t make it to the travel blog.

Enjoy !

On Sunday Helge made sure that everyone followed the road book and made their way though the Knuten road. A spectacular sight for the photographer high up on the rock.

Helge stopping cars



At this point in the trip it was time to make our way towards the pittoresque Hardangerfjords, known as the fruit-centre of Norway.

But before we mae it to Hardanger, we had to pass a few more mountains. The Old Strynefjells Road to be exact. That Sunday we had the weather Gods on our side. The sun was out so that we could stop for a coffee and enjoy the autumn colours.

Old Strynefjell Road in the Autumn

Driving down the Old Strynefjell Road

Making our way down from Strynefjellet, past Videseter.

Autumn in the mountain

A tiny TR

We had lunch in the sun at Hjelle. Every picture was like a postcard that day, and Hjelle made no exception.

We drove over another mountains, this time Gaularfjellet, before we made it to Balestrand and Kviknes Hotel.

Kviknes Hotel is a part of the chain of Historical Hotels in Norway. One part of the hotel dates back to the late 1800s. The hotel and the veteran cars made a perfect match.

Kviknes Hotel

The long and winding road

Saturday can be summed up in a few words: mountains, fjords, hairpin turns.

The TR`s were put to the ultimate test yesterday driving up The Eagle Road, over the mountain, crossing the fjord on a ferry, then continue to Trollstigen. A long and eventful drive.
Here are some pictures of TR`s in its preferred environment.

Low hanging clouds over Geiranger. Seen from the Eagle Road.

Low hanging clouds over Geiranger. Seen from the Eagle Road.

Beautiful mountain peaks in Geiranger

Beautiful mountain peaks in Geiranger


On our way over the mountain to the next fjord. .

On our way over the mountain to the next fjord. .


Just some sheep in the road

Just some sheep in the road


Driving down Trollstigen

Driving down Trollstigen

Face to face



Off to Geiranger

Did you know that it is quite exhausting going on a group holiday? Did you know it is extremely tiring being the passenger in a convertible? It is . . . but it is so much fun!
My face is sore from smiling as well from the wind. It feels like I have had a facelift !

Today has been incredible. I am a tourist in my own country and today I have made it to Geiranger for the first time. This trip is not just spectacular for our Belgian,  British or  Danish guests. It is just as spectacular for Norwegians.

Ready for a new day

Ready for a new day

Some earlybirds left the hotel before the rest of us had had a chance to start our breakfast, but I can understand that some are eager to get on the road again. Today was all about making our way over to the main attraction, the world famous UNESCO Heritage listed Geiranger fjord.

detail kopi

But before we made it to Geiranger we had a few stops to make, some valleys to drive though and mountains to cross. First challenge was luring the drivers off road to Liabrua. An 8 kilometer dirt road not necessary preferred by veteran car owners, but worth the risk.

dirt road

foggy kopi

From there everyone made it to Lom for a long break and a chance to take in the scenery and enjoy the sights. Lom has one of the best bakeries in Norway with infamous cinnamon rolls and many of us got to enjoy the treats.

Lom kopi

Lom2 kopi
Lom is also the home of one of Norway´s wooden churches called a stave church. This particular one was built in the 17th century.

Lom3 kopi
From there we left for Grotli and a Taste of Norway. We were so lucky as to receive delicious treats from TIND to share with the TR travellers. A light drizzle did not put a damper on the atmosphere as more and more TRs made their way to the snack-stop.




91 (10)

action kopi
A journey to Geiranger is not complete without a stop  at Dalsnibba, and the hairpin road provided stunning photo opportunities.

Dalsnibba (2) kopi

trmeeting kopi


dalsnibba (3)

After the steep drive down to Geiranger from Dalsnibba we´re finally all relaxing the the Union Hotel.


Tomorrow we will put the veterans to the test up Trollstigen…

A sunny start

Oslo showed its best side to our guests on arrival on Thursday. The city was bathing in sunlight topped with bright blue skies. For the committee who has been organizing this trip since 2009, there could be no better start.

TR enthusiasts were arriving on different boats and welcoming committees were on site to greet them and make sure the drivers were off to a good start.


The route went though Fagernes

Much to the parking officer`s irritation, the parking lot at Hjortneskaia was quickly filling up with TR`s as well as intrigued spectators. The organized chaos peaked as the parking officer threatened to fine all drivers for «illegal parking» and the group were soon on their way to the first pit-stop at Valdresporten.


In perfect summer weather the cars made their way westward. Some guest were already commenting on the charming roads and beautiful scenery and endless forest. If they had any idea what they had in store in the days to come . . .


Valdresporten was the perfect place for a rest, some leg stretching and of course catch up with TR friends. But we were soon on the road again.

By the afternoon most cars had reached the mountain village of Beitostølen. Some car-trouble is to be expected when gathering some 120 veteran cars, but at least that meant the brilliant service team also had something to do.


Beitostølen quickly turned into its own tourist attraction as elegant Triumph cars filled up the parking lot. The hotel even had their own photographer at hand to record the event.

The veteran cars were quickly swapped for go carts. Apparently these guys are insatiable when it comes to driving. Some friendly competing kicked off the weekend as the ski slopes turned in to downhill race tracks. Although shy at start, the desire to win kicked in and the competition heated up. As the spectators cheered on the racers made their way down the track at high speed. The winner beat yours truly by almost 10 seconds. How he made it down the track safely is beyond my understanding.

The first evening was rounded off by a delicious 3-course meal in the hotel restaurant at Radisson Blu. Knowing these guys, it was not an early night.

The wait is over

The day you´ve all been waiting for has finally come. It is time to say that the beginning of the European TR Meeting 2013 is only hours away.

By tomorrow afternoon we will all be gathered at the little mountain village of Beitostølen.

For some of you this might be you first TR trip and a lot of new faces and names to remember. For others it will be a reunion with good friends. No matter if it´s you first time joining in on the TR fun or you´re a veteran, we welcome you all to Norway.

Over the weekend and the following week we will travel through some of Norway´s most spectacular natural sights.

Ready to drive up Trollstigen?

Ready to drive up Trollstigen?

You might have heard of the Geirangerfjord or even the road Trollstigen? Well, now you´ll get to see it all with your own eyes. We will share a lot of laughs and good memories in the week to come and we hope that you are just as excited as we are.

A small group of us will greet you at the Hjortneskaia as you embark the Color Line cruise boat and make sure you get off to a safe start.

For the rest of you traveling by other routs, we will see you at Beitostølen.

Drive safely! 

European TR meeting 2013, Norway

Program European TR meeting 2013, Norway

We are honored to host the European TR meeting and Tour 2013, and are looking forward to seeing you 5th – 11th September 2013!

This will be your once in a lifetime opportunity to drive your car on old and narrow mountain roads only opened for the TR – tour 2013  – don’t miss it! We can promise you spectacular roads, breathtaking nature experience, delicious norwegian food and a lot of fun together with your TR-friends!